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January 15, 2008



I haven't watched that but I am watching paradise hotel FOR THE SECOND TIME. It is awful I can't believe it sucks me in like that.


I did! But I could do without all the talking!! Me want more grunting and grimacing!


ok so i've watched every episode since it came back. and my tony (he's not really my boyfriend but not really my friend, so he's just my tony for now) is... obsessed, hehe. he sits there yelling at the screen, rooting on the gladiators by name, telling me which games are originals, which are new, which are "sort of original, but that one got added in the 4th season of the first go-round so it's not REALLY original but that's ok". and he know which one of the gladiators is the only one from the original, and the man's whole damn life story... hah.

my boy's a wealth of useless information, and i absolutely adore it! oh, and the show's fun, too hehe.

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