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March 29, 2006



Thanks for commenting on my yarn...it looks a little christmas-y, so maybe I'm going to make a christmas stocking out of it some time;-)

Thanks also for offering to send kool-aid! Luckily I won an e-bay auction for some last night, so I can get started on more dyeing! Woo-hoo!

And- have you really dyed your hands before? *LOL* I'd love to have seen any co-workers' faces when you showed up at work...


Dude, you dyed it in the ball? You're not supposed to be able to get away with that!

Looks awesome (take that "experts"!)

Do you have "helpful old ladies" in Canada? You know, the ones who "just want to let you know that you can't" do whatever? They're a veritable plague down here. Sorry, just reminded me.


Looks great! I can't wait to see how that knits up.. I'm ordering a bunch of that "dye your own" sock yarn soon to play with it too because I can't seem to find the colors I'm after.


I've got to get an old crock pot and give that a try ,too!


:-) Your yarn turned out great and thanks for the little tutorial... you've had far more luck than me;-) My yarn turned out really crappy!


Oh... that looks *delicious*. Can I meet it in person? :)


Holy cow, Ande; that's great. Now I just have to try it again this weekend. Dang.

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