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December 07, 2004



I feel full just looking at all that gingerbread.

Work is exhausting, I hear ya.

Of course, mine is different every day, and that makes it fun. Just yesterday, I was paid 68 cents (before taxes) to clean feces from the anal area and anus of an overweight arthritic sheepdog. He had this lip of fat that hung over his anus so feces couldn't quite clear it, and you'd have to lift the lip up and clean the nether mouth quite thoroughly, because it's the first thing his parents look at when they pick him up from us.

Ranch Santa Fe, California: Where even the dogs are so rich that someone else wipes their ass for them.

You may have a wireless keyboard, but I have sheepdog shit in my cuticles, therefore I win kool points in Bizarro World.


What kind of work do you do? I have been having a crap week at work too, so somehow in a backwards way, you've helped me by venting!

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